About Michael Browning

Having the right professionals available to you can make all the difference when doing what is best for your clients. Whether you are looking for the right expert to review medical reports or economists to evaluate damages, it is in your clients’ best interest to have the best you can find. The same thought process should go into your decision regarding who might best serve your clients’ needs when facing the prospect of mediation.


While a Circuit Court Certification allows one a broad range of mediations, as an attorney, how many times have you had to sit through a mediation and explain real estate concepts, mortgage provisions, the difference between an LLC versus a LTD or zoning matters to the mediator? It is in these areas that I can be of service to you and your clients. My certification is in Circuit Court Mediation and my credentials can enhance and expedite your mediations in certain areas.


For 20 years I practiced in the areas of business, real estate law and zoning matters in Key West, Florida. While I still hold my law license I do not currently practice – I am not in competition with attorneys. In addition to the practice of law, I have an active real estate license. I have had extensive experience forming scores of business entities as well as owning and operating several businesses. During my time in practice I helped start a community bank and acted as Chairman of the Board until my retirement. I currently sit on the Planning Board for the City of Key West and on the Board of Directors for the Key West Chamber of Commerce.

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