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No one is immune to conflict, but you can support a conflict-competent team. You may run a busy law firm, real estate agency, small business, or a major organization; conflict is stressful and time-consuming. Albert Einstein once said, “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” Our goal is to expose those opportunities and help your staff engage productively.


While we do have prepared training focused on basic conflict resolution tools, it is our preference to build a training that is tailored to your organization's specific needs. Contact us directly and we will email you an Organizational Conflict Management Checklist to determine if training is right for your organization. 


Our trainings are engaging and participant-centered: group work, multimedia, discussion, and role-play are central features.  We ensure our participants have a significant amount of time to practice the skills they’re learning and ask questions.  Importantly, we are available after the training to answer any follow-up questions, offer extra guidance, or intervene if necessary.




Joe Cerza of Conch Realty participated in training and said this about Kristen:  “I must say that you 'Handled' the group masterfully...Many in attendance have been 'Around' for quite a while and are fairly 'Set in their ways', but you held their attention and definitely may have greatly helped them today.



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