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 To effectively assist in the navigation of difficult conversations, negotiations, disputes, and conflict to help people achieve clarity, realize their options, and discover possible alternatives.


About Us

Key West Mediators provides mediation, conflict resolution, facilitation, and negotiation services. 


Mediation is widely recognized as providing a satisfying and extremely successful alternative to litigation, and having the right professionals available to you can make all the difference in doing what is best for you or your clients.


Certified to handle all County and Circuit Civil Court actions, Key West Mediators engages in commercial transactions, real estate, land use matters, foreclosures, personal injury, and divorce. 


Mediation is a confidential process that empowers the people involved with an opportunity to decide the outcome of their dispute. For more information about mediation, please visit:  https://www.flcourts.org/Resources-Services/Alternative-Dispute-Resolution/Mediation-in-Florida


Mediation is not confined to the legal system but is a valuable tool for organizations that have internal employee disputes.  These disputes can easily escalate.  Let us intervene.  Conflict is stressful, but even the most difficult issues can be resolved.  


Some specific services we offer include:

  • Mediation:  Acting as a neutral party to facilitate communication for people in a dispute, removing obstacles, and providing an opportunity to move towards a mutually satisfying agreement. 
    • Virtual / Online Mediation: Through utilizing a combination of email and virtual sessions, we are able to facilitate communication for people in a dispute, online. 
  • Facilitation:  Do you find your business meetings are not as productive as you would like?  Or you have difficult people who make completing a task impossible?  Facilitation will help your group come to a consensus and establish clear communication for work-related tasks.  We don't make the decisions for you, but as facilitators, we clear the path so that your group is able to learn new tools to better facilitate meetings in the future.
  • Coaching: A confidential, one-on-one advantage to help you gain perspective in the midst of conflict or negotiation, by providing advice and strategic consultation.  Coaching provides insight and allows space for individuals or groups engaged in conflicts or negotiations to freely express themselves to get to core issues. 
  • Training / Workshops: We will asses and work directly with a client, team, or organization to help you to build and learn new conflict resolution skills and/ or negotiation strategies that are custom to your specific needs.


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