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 To effectively assist in the navigation of difficult conversations, negotiations, disputes, and conflict to help people achieve clarity, realize their options, and discover possible alternatives.


About Us

With over years of experience, Key West Mediators provides mediation, conflict resolution, facilitation, and negotiation services.


Mediation is widely recognized as providing a satisfying and extremely successful alternative to litigation, and having the right professionals available to you can make all the difference in doing what is best for you or your clients. 


Certified to handle all Circuit Civil Court actions, Key West Mediators engages in commercial transactions, real estate, land use matters, foreclosures, and personal injury. Key West Mediators can help you to save time and money by acting as third-party neutrals to mediate disputes before a court orders you to do so.  Such as employment, divorce, and landlord/tenant disputes. 


Some specific services we offer include:

  • Mediation:  Acting as third parties to facilitate communication for people in a dispute, providing an opportunity to move towards a mutually satisfying agreement and settlement of the dispute. 
  • Facilitation: Acting as third parties to facilitate difficult topics for organizations or domestic relationships.
  • Assessment:  Working one on one to evaluate the nature of a conflict or conflict procedure, considering possible alternatives for the specific conflict or procedure. 
  • System Design:  Working with groups, human resources or organizations to design conflict management systems, procedures that allow individuals within the organization to raise an issue effectively while providing necessary feedback to the organization as a whole. 
  • Advocates:  Working with parties as an advocate to assist them throughout a conflict and/or a negotiation.  We do not offer legal representation or advice, but we will work directly with a client as negotiators to advocate for a party. 
  • Coaching: Providing advice, strategic consultation, and personal coaching to individuals or groups engaged in conflicts or negotiations.  


Key West Mediators, The Alternative Dispute Resolution Experts

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