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About Us

Founded by attorney Michael L. Browning after closing his own law practice, Key West Mediators provides mediation in Circuit Court level cases, with emphasis on civil real estate, corporate and banking disputes.


Mediation is widely recognized as providing a satisfying and extremely successful alternative to litagation, and having the right professionals available to you can make all the difference in doing what is best for your clients. 


Key West Mediators provides mediation and alternative dispute resolution services exclusively in the Florida Keys, though specialized services may be available depending on the client's needs.

Cases and claims not handled by Key West Mediators are domestic, construction defect and personal injury matters.

Experts In

  • Contract and Commercial Disputes
  • Real Estate 
  • Corporate and Partnership 
  • Zoning and Land Use
  • Commercial/Business 
  • Foreclosures
  • Construction
  • Civil Circuit Disputes 


Michael L. Browning, The Alternative Dispute Resolution Expert

E-MAIL: MLB@KeyWestMediators.Net
PH: 305-304-9072  FAX: 305-295-2827

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