What is coaching and how will it help me?


Coaching results in actual transformation. Coaching is for any person who is looking for substantial professional or personal growth. Kristen Norman is our coaching expert focusing on leadership coaching. Her style of coaching is supportive and practical. Her approach is collaborative using real-time experiences to learn more about negotiation, team building, managing up, communication, and conflict resolution. Through coaching, you will learn tools and skills that are essential to success, including: 

  • Emotional intelligence and self-awareness by understanding individual strengths, values, weaknesses, and focusing on developing substantial behavioral changes.

  • Leadership skills that are specific to the individual, such as:

    • Coaching 

    • Negotiation 

    • Presentation 

    • Conflict Engagement

    • Managing Up

How does it work?


First, we offer a free consultation to discover what style of coaching is best suited for you.  We will discuss what you want to achieve and why you want a coach.  Next, we establish a meeting time, this can be accomplished by phone, in person, or video conferencing.  Our coaching sessions are 45 minutes per week or bi-weekly. If you have questions or are interested please schedule a 30 min consultation, here.    


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