What is coaching and how will it help me?


Coaching is a one-on-one confidential relationship that supports a person to reach their goal.  Coaching is for any professional who is looking for substantial professional growth. Kristen Norman holds an MS in Conflict Resolution and Negotiation.  Currently, Ms. Norman spends most of her time focusing on leadership coaching for fortune 500 companies, she goes beyond the traditional training process to offer a one-on-one relationship that supports the professional to develop. Ms. Norman provides vital tools that a person needs to succeed, including:

  • Navigating difficult conversations and how to effectively manage difficult people;
  • Understanding the importance of emotional intelligence and developing personal action plans for improvement through self-assessment;
  • Learning how to think like a mediator, including asking better questions and the art of reframing;
  • Recognizing the early signs of conflict, the differences between positions and interests, how to diffuse conflict and encourage collaboration;
  • Developing effective communication skills, including active listening to build better working relationships with employees and clients; and
  • Sharpening your written communication skills.


How does it work?


First, we offer a free consultation to discover what style of coaching is best suited for you.  We will create the best coaching style to meet your needs.  Next, we establish a weekly meeting time, this can be accomplished by phone, in person, or video conferencing.  Our coaching sessions are 45 minutes per week or bi-weekly. If you have questions or are interested please click on this Contact button.  


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