What is coaching and how will it help me?


Coaching is a one-on-one confidential relationship that supports a person to reach their goal.  Coaching is for any person who is looking for substantial professional or personal growth. For example, you know those conversations that you dread or don't know what to say, I can help you find the language and skills to actually have those conversations.


Kristen Norman is the primary leadership coach.  Spending most of her time focusing on leadership coaching for fortune 500 companies. Her style of leadership coaching is a whole person, co-active, and somatic approach to guide them as they realize their full potential as a leader. Actively supporting people to find the language to move through conflict, negotiation, or difficult conversation in a meaningful and effective way. She offers a number of vital tools that a person needs to succeed, including:

  • Emotional Intelligence and self-awareness by understanding individual strengths, values, weaknesses, and focusing on developing substantial behavioral changes.
  • Leadership skills that are specific to the individual, such as learning to lead in ambiguous environments, building strategic relationships, having difficult conversations, managing successful teams, and cultivating a practice of mindfulness.
  • Negotiation and conflict engagement skills help leaders advance, manage team conflicts, and give them an understanding of how conflict can be used as an opportunity for growth. 


How does it work?


First, we offer a free consultation to discover what style of coaching is best suited for you.  We will discuss what you want to achieve and why you want a coach.  Next, we establish a meeting time, this can be accomplished by phone, in person, or video conferencing.  Our coaching sessions are 45 minutes per week or bi-weekly. If you have questions or are interested please click on this Contact button.  


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