What is coaching and how will it help me?


Coaching is a one-on-one confidential relationship.  The purpose of coaching is to help a person reach their goal.  It is common for executives to retain a coach because through the coach-client relationship the client discovers patterns that have affected their career and the coach helps them to find ways to change those patterns to reach their professional goals. Having a coach in your corner is a luxurious advantage. We offer two styles of coaching:  


Conflict Coaching: helps an individual gain perspective on the conflict, make decisions about next steps, and learn key communication skills to manage the conflict.  Coaching also provides an opportunity to be heard and pointed in the right direction. This style of coaching is for anyone who is looking to prepare for disagreement or conflict, this could include, family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, classmates, students, or business associates.  Conflict coaching is an alternative to mediation.


Negotiation Coaching: helps a professional or individual gain perspective on an upcoming negotiation, consider strategy, brainstorm, and learn key communication skills to manage the negotiation.  This style of coaching is for any professional who negotiates on a regular basis, such as real estate professionals, attorneys, or executives.  This style is also ideal for the novice negotiator, who wishes to become a better negotiator and advance their career. Having a negotiation coach is like having a secret weapon, an ally, ultimately placing you at an advantage. Importantly, negotiation coaches do not offer legal advice or any other unqualified advice but will direct you to the appropriate professional. 


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